I Guess She Can Drive

Budapest, Hungary And finally, the last city on our 16 week tour... Budapest! (Actually pronounced Budapes(h)t). By far my favorite city of the whole trip- great food, great company, great city! It felt almost like a European version of San Francisco, but with more history. The whole hipster/reuse/recycle/food-truck vibe was strong. So many memories- from … Continue reading I Guess She Can Drive


Fountain Wine and Skateboard Suitcases

Bratislava, Slovakia Next stop on the trip was Bratislava, Slovakia. I honestly had no clue what to expect and by this point, had done minimal research on sight-seeing, and depended heavily on the Hostel recommendations. But we lucked out and ended up coming on Coronation Weekend- a weekend full of festivities and activities celebrating Slovakia's history, … Continue reading Fountain Wine and Skateboard Suitcases