Lyon, France IFALPES offered a day trip to Lyon, so we decided, why not?! Took a short bus ride from Annecy (about 2 hr ride), and did a quick day in the city. Would definitely come back to explore the food and culture of the city! Had the opportunity to visit Lyon for the day, and … Continue reading Lyon



Annecy, France The other night, my host grandma served me Tartiflette, a traditional dish famous in the Haute-Savoie region. It's basically potatoes, roblochon cheese, onions, lardons (bacon), butter, and some sort of cream. It was DELICIOUS, but also heavy on the cheese, which can be tough if you have any intolerance to lactose...still worth it though! Other … Continue reading Tartiflette


Savoie, France The other day we visited a fromagerie! Ironically, it was called Le Farto, hah. The Savoie region in France produces the most cheese out of all the regions and is specially known for their Reblochon cheese. A little stinky, but an interesting tour! They have to keep the floor wet to make sure … Continue reading Cheese

Les Fleurs d’Annecy

Annecy, France So, it's still spring, and that calls for flowers! I'll keep adding throughout the trip 🙂 Also, the other day, tried to explain the english idiom: "April showers brings may flowers" to my host grandma, but it doesn't translate very well