HOW TO: Pup Succulents

Hello! Thought I would branch out and provide some tips and tricks for my second interest next to travel- gardening!

You’ve probably seen the latest trend in home decor- those plump, colorful plants that lay flat to the soil and thrive with minimal care. They seem to be everywhere, and come in many varieties and shapes!

Last year, I went on a succulent splurge and spent over $50 at the home depot purchasing various arrangements of succulents! I quickly realized this was not sustainable, and began reading up on how to propagate succulents. I’ve tried in the past, but usually get impatient, or over water them, and end up throwing them out. I’ve found the key to success is patience and minimal care!


STEP 1: Identify large overgrown succulents, and pull them from the soil. Overgrown succulents will be “trunky” with a thick stem, and begin to grow vertically without a lot of leaves at the bottom. Remove and discard any unhealthy leaves at the bottom. Remove a few healthy leaves from the bottom and set aside for pupping!

STEP 2: Cut the stem of the succulent, leaving only about 1-2″ of length. (Just enough to stick it back into the ground and have it stay upright). Place the plant back into the ground and spritz with water. Done! (with the plant part. now move back to the healthy leaves you set aside)

STEP 3: Place the single leaves on a bed of soil, and spritz with water once daily. They do best in the shade. Once they have grown pups (little cluster of leaves) replant into soil! See below for stages of succulent pupping. Patience is key- it takes approx 3 months to be ready to plant back into soil!

That’s it! Now enjoy your multiplied succulent garden!


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