Day 3: Antelope Canyon

Decided this natural wonder deserves a page of its own since it is so magnificent! Only about a 10 minute drive from Page, AZ, Antelope Canyon is a treat to behold. The sandstone canyons have been carved from flash floods over time, and remain quite a site to see. There are two segments of the canyon- upper and lower. They are both spectacular, but we opted for Lower Canyon. Our tour guide described the differences as below:

Upper Antelope Canyon: “A” shaped canyon- with a narrow top and wider footpath. Tours begin and end at the same point. Sometimes you can catch spectacular sun rays shining through the narrow top.

Lower Antelope Canyon: “V” shaped canyon- with broader top and narrower footpath. Tours begin at one end, and end at the other.

The two main tour companies for Lower Antelope Canyon are Ken’s and Dixie Ellis. No entrance to Antelope Canyon is allowed without a tour (for safety reasons-there have been flash flood accidents in the past).  Tours are around $25/person, with an additional $8/person cash-only Navajo Nation reservation permit. Both tours take the same route in the canyon and last around 1-2 hours. Our tour was around noon on a Saturday in the beginning of March, and we had around 10 others in our group. The best time of the day to view the canyon is around 10:30am-noon, as the sun will be right overhead. However, this also tends to be the busiest time of the day, so plan accordingly!


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