Day 2: Grand Canyon and Page, AZ

So after always hearing about the Grand Canyon, decided it’s finally time to check it out! (Well technically was there when visiting Havasupai Falls last November, but never the North or South Rim)

A few things to note- if at all possible, try to visit during low season (March-April, or Oct-Dec), as it is so much more enjoyable when there are less crowds. We even got to see some snow at the Grand Canyon, which is rare!

We started at Mather Point– a nice viewing point on the South Rim. There are nice paved paths along the rim in both directions, but we decided to head West on the trail. Easy walking, and the views get better and better the further you go along!

After a few hours, we headed out to Page, AZ, where Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are located. The drive out of the Grand Canyon to Page, AZ was spectacular. Truly something out of a movie-with many lookout points along the way.

Excitement of the trip was when we stopped to pick up a hitchhiker on the way, as his bike had gotten a flat and was wheeling it 7 miles to a hiking trail! Nice guy and was doing a backpacking hike into the canyon.

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Ended the day by just barely making it in time to Horseshoe Bend before the sun went down! Grabbed some Mexican food on the way and enjoyed burritos and sunset views. Too bad there were a few annoying Instagrammers flying their drones about and gnats galore. Still a great day!

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