4-day Journey to Arizona

So this past weekend took a mini trip to Arizona to see some rocks! Big rocks, little rocks, canyons, sandstone, natural wonders. Ended up a very smooth trip, thanks to a bit of research. Would recommend traveling in March or early April, as tourist season has not fully kicked in, and the weather will be pleasant (around 50-65 F). We flew in and out of Phoenix, since it is the closest to Sedona and flights are relatively cheap!


Here is the trip mapped out- were able to hit everything except Monument Valley

Overall, very scenic drives! We planned it so we were only doing 2 hours of continuous driving at a time, and would only drive a max of 4-5 hours per day. Will outline brief itinerary here, then detail in following posts 🙂


Day 1: Arrive in Phoenix and drive to Sedona (2hrs). Visited Bell Rock and took a small hike up- excellent views! Alternatively, Cathedral Rock also offers nice hiking and views. Stopped by Stupa and Peace Park, which was interesting, but not a must-see (in my opinion). Lodged in Munds Park because it was the cheapest in the area (would not recommend as it is in the middle of nowhere).

Read more about Day 1

Day 2: Drive to Grand Canyon (2-hr), visited Mather Point, and walked along the South Rim. Admission was around $20-30 per car, I forget. Leaving the Grand Canyon, beautiful and scenic 2-hr drive to Page, AZ. Managed to catch Horsehoe Bend at sunset- gorgeous! (although becoming a hotspot for teen instagrammers). Stayed in tiny motel in Page, AZ.

Read more about Day 2

Day 3: Visited nearby Lower Antelope Canyon on Ken’s Tour, stunning canyon and really unique experience! Ate some BBQ, then made the 2-hr drive back to Sedona. Hit Oak Creek Canyon Vista Point on the way back. Nice, but at this point we had seen a lot of impressive views. Stayed the night in a Motel with fabulous red rock views.

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Day 4: Ventured to Jerome, AZ, the ghost town, which really is exactly that. Not much to do, we just drove through. Nice mountain views. Headed back to Phoenix, and spent the evening at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens– lots of cacti and really really cool to see at sunset. Opens until 8pm!

4 thoughts on “4-day Journey to Arizona

  1. Myra Lim says:

    Do you know when it’s the best time to visit Antelope Canyon? I have down in my notes to take Ken’s Tours as well!Auntie M


    • Oùestmadame says:

      I’d say around 10:30am – noon, since it is less busy in the morning, and the sunlight will be ideal when it is right above the canyon! You can make reservations online, but they run tours every 20 mins, so we were okay to buy at the place. Depends on if you are going during busy season though!


    • alleyk26 says:

      Most would vote for mid-day, as OuestMadame has suggested, due to the position of the sun overhead. However, during peak travel season (late spring-summer-early fall), that means you’ll be sharing the canyon with a lot of people. If you have issues with crowds, you might want to tour Antelope Canyon during one of the “off-times,” such as 8:00 AM-10:00 AM or between 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Though the canyon won’t be as brightly illuminated at these time slots, it will still be beautiful!

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