Havin’ a Craic

I’ve been learning a lot of Irish slang lately! Here are a few things I found interesting. (Source: Irish coworkers)

Turf: dried dead matter (some kind of mix of dirt and grass?) that is rolled to dry in the sun, then made into blocks, and used as fuel to burn and heat your house. Families will usually inherit plots of land where you can roll and dry turf, then bring it home. (Perhaps this is the origins of “astroturf” and “get off my turf” ?

This is a picture of turf from Google.


We saw lots of turf rolled and drying here, in Wicklow


Hill Walker: a funny way of saying hiker! Maybe less strenuous than a hike? Or make it means backpacking? Not sure but it sound like something out of Game of Thrones 

Craic: similar to fun, or a good time, from what I understand. Can be used like “ah yer be havin a good craic ey?” Not exactly sure, but apparently everything is good craic

Slaggin: to make fun of, tease, joke about. Like when you’re giving someone a hard time, you’d be slaggin them

Rocket: found this word on menus in both Dublin and London- apparently it is a type of lettuce. Guess we don’t have it in the US because I’ve never heard of it! Ooh wait just Googled it and it is arugula. LOL.

Hurling: a very violent contact sport found only in Ireland that involves a stick/club, and seems to be a mix of rugby, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball all in one. Seems dangerous!

Have you heard of any other Irish slang? Do you agree with the definitions my coworkers gave me? 


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