Guinness and Cash Cabs

Busy day today! Finished up workshops at work (phew, 6-hr workshops for 5 days straight is EXHAUSTING), and rushed straight to the Guinness Storehouse for the last tour! Had built up my expectations after hearing recommendations from every local Irishman, and was only slightly disappointed. Reminded me a lot of Hershey Park- big tourist trap, nice gift shop, lots of lights…basically a museum of the actual manufacturing process. None the less, got a free pint out of it, so I’d say worth it!

On a side note- since being here a week, I’ve realized how much I take accessibility and transportation for granted back in the states. In the US, I can usually get around on public transit (bus or train), or if I’m really lazy I can always turn to Uber, Lyft, or good ole’ yellow cabs. But here, things are a little different.

PRO TIP ON TAXIS: The two main Taxi apps are Lync and Hailo

Lynk (Dublin-only)


Hailo (Across Ireland)


They seem to function like Uber/Lyft, but are hard to use when traveling without a phone plan. Drivers of Lynk and Hailo can also be hailed as a normal cab (similar to UberTAXI).  Hailing an actual “yellow” cab is difficult in residential areas (one day we waited 50 minutes for a cab!). Also have found out the hard way that taxis not associated with an app (Lynk or Hailo) tend not to take cash. 

PRO TIP: Always ask if the taxi accepts credit card BEFORE getting in! Made this mistake the other day and had to get out a block later since I didn’t have cash. **(However- sometimes drivers will insist they ONLY accept cash, but when explaining that you need to get out since you don’t have cash, they will decide that they can accept card. TRICKY!) – Similarly, I’ve experienced this in the US, but it seems in Dublin, sometimes when the say they only accept cash, they mean it!


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