Dubh Linn


About two months ago at work, I was presented with the opportunity to travel to Dublin(Word Origin: Dubh Linn, meaning “Black Pool”- after a dark colored lake in the city where the Dublin Castle now stands) to meet the other half of our team and work on some process improvements. Of course I said YES- and here I am!

After a long layover in Amsterdam and an hour in customs, I finally arrived to the Auld Sod (don’t exactly know what this means, but from what I understand, it’s something like Old Dirt, and refers to Ireland).

Some favorite things about Dublin:

  • AMAZING food, everywhere. Although there is a specific “Irish” cuisine (mostly stews, pies, crumbles… etc., you can also find top notch restaurants in almost every cuisine.
  • Hidden alleyways that lead to secret bars! One of the best things is there aren’t very many tourists (At least not this time of year) so you get an authentic city experience
  • Super friendly people, clean city (they powerwash the streets everynight)
  • Historical significance and architecture (Trinity College is AMAZING -shall I go back to school for my masters?!)
  • Irish heritage and pride (Irish is written on every street sign, spoken on the train announcements, written in newspapers…)



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