Devil Buses (Diablo Rojo)

Panama City, Panama

Fun fact: Panama used to take old retired school buses from the US, refurbish them, paint them in colorful patterns, and run them on the streets for their public bus lines. Kind of like pimp my ride for school buses. A pretty cool concept if you think about it, and a neat way to reuse old vehicles. The buses (Diablo Rojo) aren’t used within the city anymore, but are still used for destinations outside of the city.

Also noticed several stores selling “Bellezas de Panama,” or Panama Hats, which are these kind of straw fedora hats. Turns out, although Panama is known for this shape and style of hat, they are originally from Ecuador!

The famous quilted textile art form pictured below is called Mola, and features colorful fabrics stitched together and shaped into bags, clothing, oven mitts, and other household items.


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