2015 Recap, Chicago, Future Plans

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post… I mainly kept this blog as a travel blog to share pictures and posts with family and friends, but as 2015 is winding down to an end, thought I’d share some of the highlights of my year. (Shh, it’s not midnight on the West Coast yet)

May 2015– Started out great with a Study Abroad program to Annecy, France. That’s where I got the inspiration for the blog, and coined the name.

June 2015- “Backpacked” around Europe with Lee. (I actually had a rolling suitcase; I know, horrible! But I had been traveling since May, and had a lot of stuff to tote around). Managed to visit 7 cities in 16 days!

July 2015- Moved to Chicago for a 6-month co-op. A great city filled with art and culture, and with so many neighborhoods I never had the chance to explore. Pictures to follow!

January 2016- Will be traveling to Panama to visit a friend and hopefully will be able to share a few photos!

Late January 2016- Returning to Boston for a final semester of college 🙂


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