I Guess She Can Drive

Budapest, Hungary

And finally, the last city on our 16 week tour… Budapest! (Actually pronounced Budapes(h)t). By far my favorite city of the whole trip- great food, great company, great city! It felt almost like a European version of San Francisco, but with more history. The whole hipster/reuse/recycle/food-truck vibe was strong. So many memories- from losing our group on the walking tour, to meeting up with Scottish and German friends we had met in Bratislava, to doing a pub crawl in the Ruin Bars… and everything else in between, the culture and friendliness of Budapest made it a city I would definitely want to go back to visit! Also learned that the way to say cheers in Hungarian sounds oddly like: “Iguesshecandrive” ( I have no idea how it’s actually spelled).

Top Highlights:

  • Ruin Bars: Szimpla Kert, Instant
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Indoor Market
  • Thermal Baths/Spa: Széchenyi Spa

Beautiful Church with tile-detailed roof


This is where we lost the tour group for a solid 30 minutes… whoops


A permanent-food truck market!


Indoor market with groceries on the ground floor, and tourist souvenirs on the upper floor


Hiked up to the Citadel (who knew it would actually be a strenuous hike?!) to see this amazing view


Tried Hungary’s specialty liquor… Palinka… We asked the bartender for her suggestion and she gave us Apricot, the strongest one…


Wouldn’t be a trip to Budapest without trying out the Baths! Basically like a huge swimming pool, but with multiple baths with minerals and such mixed in for good health


Taken in Szimpla Ruin Bar…so vintage. Ruin Bars were basically condemned apartment complexes that were bought out and converted into a multi-room venue


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