Fountain Wine and Skateboard Suitcases

Bratislava, Slovakia

Next stop on the trip was Bratislava, Slovakia. I honestly had no clue what to expect and by this point, had done minimal research on sight-seeing, and depended heavily on the Hostel recommendations. But we lucked out and ended up coming on Coronation Weekend- a weekend full of festivities and activities celebrating Slovakia’s history, complete with fireworks, cultural dancing, and historical re-enactments! All in all, a great place to meet like-minded travelers and explore Slovak culture. Interesting walking tour that explained the communist history of the region.


On the anniversary of their coronation, a special fountain in the center of the city pours wine! Apparently in the past, every fountain in the city poured wine.


Fireworks along the Danube river- pure luck that we were crossing the bridge at the time they went off


A clever fix to a broken suitcase that one of our hostel roommates had engineered


Decoration that represented where the city gate used to be


The most photographed spot in Bratislava- originally created as an art piece with no intention of becoming famous


“Smurf Church”


Traditional Garlic soup- great on a cold, rainy day


This dish was a little interesting… spoonfuls of poppyseeds on noodles with butter and powdered sugar. Maybe it’s an acquired taste but I couldn’t eat poppyseed for a solid month after this dish


So proud of ordering food from a lady who spoke zero english, but turns out this street food (Lángos), is actually Hungarian. Either way, it was delicious- fried dough with sour cream and cheese- kind of like a pizza


UFO tower- a great view from the top


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