3 Euros to Hear the Fat Lady Sing

Vienna, Austria

Finally able to catch up and post some pictures from the rest of my travels! After Salzburg, we went to Vienna, which was one of my favorite cities. Full of art and music, horse-drawn carriages, good food, beautiful churches, bustling street markets…what not to like about Vienna?! And one of the best deals- 3 Euros to get standing tickets to see the Opera at the Vienna Opera House. Mind you, it did require waiting in line for about 3 hours, but it was totally worth it! Everyone brings scarves or sweaters and pushes each other in line to  get tickets. Then after they’ve paid their 2/3 Euros, rush past each other to try and secure the best space by tying their scarf on a rail by the standing space. It was funny how aggressive people would get over a 3 Euro performance! But it ended up being amazing- didn’t know how I felt about opera before, but they had English subtitles on little screens in front of you, and we were in good company. We met up with two others staying at our hostel, and had heated discussions during every intermission about predictions for who was going to die next!


Beautiful architecture


The weekend we went there was a big Spanish Riding School Gala, and Lipizzaner Stallions were getting ready all over the city


The most famous chocolate cake in the world- at Hotel Sacher


Impressive Opera House


Took a side trip to nearby Schönbrunn Palace

IMG_9609 IMG_9618


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