Bullfights under the Pleine Lune

Annecy, France


You know how people say that weird things start happening the night of a Full Moon? Well after last weekend, I’d totally believe it. We received a host student from Switzerland, and were going out for a picnic au bord du lac. We ate, watched the sunset, spent some nice time bonding, even jumped in the (pretty cold) lake for a quick dip after dinner. Then after getting out of the water, we were wiping our feet on the grass, when our Madame joked that it looked like we were doing some new dance move- so then we joked that we were bulls getting ready to fight or something, and then before I knew it, my host sister and host grandma were pretending to be a bullfighter and matador- waving towel and making moo sound effects and all! I felt like I was in some strange French comedy, but the joke was on me because something must’ve been lost in translation. And now my host madame calls us her “petites vaches,” which means little cows. And whenever I see her, she makes these mooing noises. Oh mon Dieu, what a funny lady. And then driving home from the lake, my host sister would raise up the picnic basket off her lap every time we went over a bump in the road, so the salad inside wouldn’t spill, and madame made a joke that it looked like she was offering people salad. So then the rest of the ride home, she would slow down next to anyone walking on the road, honk, and shout “tu veux salade??!” while my sister would raise the salad and pretend to offer it. Got some pretty weird stares but it was hilarious! Blame it on the Pleine Lune.


Host sister admiring the sunset


Went to a Chateau that had this view


Detailed stained glass in the Chateau

IMG_8784 (1)

Another window in Chateau du Menthon


The view after hiking for 2.5 hours!


Well worth it


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