The US Does Not Speak Spanish

Annecy, France


So apparently one of my weaknesses here is that I tend to agree and respond, “oui” to almost everything said to me- even before I fully understand what has been said. For example, this morning, my host Grandma was talking about a Columbian student she had hosted once before that had two last names, then continued to ask if I had two last names. And, me, being confused because a) it’s french, which is already pretty darn confusing b) it was at 7:00am and my brain doesn’t switch to french mode until a few hours later, absentmindedly replied, “oui, oui.” And of course she was surprised, as she should be, because, well duh, I don’t have two last names. But anyways she continued to converse about naming conventions in France, and how it’s typical for the wife to take the husband’s name and all that. Which of course, it’s pretty much the same in the US, but apparently not for my family… And I tried to correct it and explain that usually Spanish speaking countries take both last names, but I think I confused her even more because then she was like: “but the US doesn’t speak Spanish!” So now, since she’s only hosted a few Americans before me, she thinks that the majority of the population in the US have two last names. Oh dear, what have I done. And I would go back and explain, but that’s even harder to do than just going along with it and pretending like I have two last names.

In other news, we got another host student today! She’s from Switzerland, and is the same level at French as me, which is nice. My host Grandma kept telling me that I am not allowed to speak english with her, because of school rules, blah blah, but it turns out that she’s from the German-speaking region of Switzerland, so she knows less English than she does French! So there’ll be a lot of French going around!


Visited Geneva last week!



Also visited a cute Medieval town called Yvoire



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