Vivre Libre ou Mourir

Plateaux des Glieres, France

IMG_8421The other day we visited Les Plateaux des Glieres- the famous site where parachuters dropped supplies during WWII. Our tour guide told us the whole story- how it was snowing, in the winter- no one was prepared for the weather, but they had to stay at the camp to receive weapons that would be parachuted down from planes flying from the UK. They could only fly planes at night, to attract less attention, and only during a full moon because that was they only way they could see where they were landing. The plateau was strategically picked because it is near Lemon Lake in Geneva and Annecy Lake- and when there is a full moon, the moonlight reflects off the lake’s surface. It also is near Mount Blanc, and in the winter, when covered in white snow, it also acted as a reflector of light. Also surrounded by the Alps which acted as natural protection from invading forces. Tragic ending though- the site was bombed and the arsenal stock exploded- killing at least 129 people. Very interesting to visit and beautiful view of the monument. The inscription in the monument read: “Vivre libre ou mourir” which translates to “live free or die”




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