Ça marche pas

Annecy, France


Went on a little hike today and saw this view of the lake!

Been slow to post lately because we’ve had a bit of an internet issue. The other day, my host grandmother’s son came over the try and help her install her new TV, which required unplugging the internet and using the ethernet cable to connect to the cable box, or something complex. I was eating dinner at the time of the ordeal, and it was comforting to see that no matter what country you live in, setting up a TV is always a struggle. (Even when the directions are in a language you understand). And of course, the mother always tells the son to double check to make sure it’s plugged in, and the son responds that, yes mother, everything is plugged in- it’s just not working. In a town so different from Boston, and in a language that I sometimes understand; it’s almost laughable that something so simple as trying to set up a TV made me feel more connected and at home. But anyways, to finish the story, the internet had been down since that event, which was a few days ago, so hence the ca marche pas (it doesn’t work). One of the more useful phrases in french: as well as its counterpart: Ça marche (it works). In fact, my very first full-French conversation upon arriving in France used the phrase “Ça marche pas!” (Although that was the entirety of the conversation, while I handed my hotel key card to the concierge to get it re-activated). Ah well, small steps!

Also, again- swans. I should really start naming them

Also, again- swans. I should really start naming them


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