Put your coins down

Annecy, France

Can’t believe it’s already been a week in Annecy! Here are a few pictures and thoughts from this week:


Not a bad morning commute on the bus

Some thoughts on paying for things and grocery stores:

I’ve noticed that when paying for things, it’s normal to put cash/coins down on the counter (while in the US, it’s more common to put cash/coins in the cashier’s hand). It seems to work both ways as well- when returning change, it’s placed on the counter and not directly into your hand (less bodily contact this way perhaps?) Either way, I usually forget and hold out my hand awkwardly while they leave the change on the counter. Also, at supermarkets, you pay further down on the check-counter… like where you would normally pack your groceries, while in the US, you pay directly across from the cashier. Also, it’s 5 cents per bag (like SF), and self-pack (oh Whole Foods, how you spoil me!). Another note: at some grocery stores, you have to weigh your fruit/produce at the weighing stations in the store, and print and stick a label on your fruit before going to check out. (Found this one out the hard way, but useful lesson to learn!)

Spontaneous swan photoshoot- he didn't even see it comin

Spontaneous swan photoshoot- he didn’t even see it comin

Also, here’s a list of some random useful phrases i’ve learned in French:

  • L’addition = the check, like at a restaurant
  • Chantilly = whipped cream…this one is ESSENTIAL, duh, especially for crepes 😉
  • Carafe d’eau = when asking for tap water, this pretty much gets the job done… basically asking for a pitcher of water
  • Cabin d’essayage = fitting rooms
  • Les timbres = stamps (I may or may not have asked for “les tindres” once by accident… oops, embarrassing)
  • Dure = hard, as in difficult (I hear this a lot from my host Grandma when I can’t understand her and she’s trying to empathize… always telling me that Français est dure, non?)
Interesting sculpture au bord du lac

Interesting sculpture au bord du lac


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