Two Kinds of Flush


IMG_8197Some small differences I’ve noticed between the US and France- sustainability and minimizing resource usage tends to be a common theme everywhere we go. Every bathroom I’ve used here has not had paper towels – but instead, air hand dryers or looping paper towel rolls (with an actual towel that is presumably washed or something?). And all the toilets have two settings- as my host mom explained it, one for “normale” and the other for “beaucoup.” I know this is starting to be introduced in the US, but I was very surprised at how everywhere in France had these. Also, the sink water was always either motion detected, or push activated, and lights were push activated as well (where you push the button and they stay on for a few minutes). Even when comparing to San Francisco, which prides itself on sustainability, the facilities here are much more energy and water efficient than anything I’ve seen in the US.


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