The Shirtless Annicien Woman

Annecy, France


You can’t see it in here, but just to the right of the frame sits the shirtless french woman

Today I decided to be adventurous and found myself exploring le lac and the surrounding city of Annecy. It was breathtaking, and the pictures can’t even do it justice. Surprisingly, Annecy has more of a Swiss-feel to it that I would have expected. Or at least, what I would imagine Switzerland would be like (since I’ve never actually been). Annecy is known as the “Venice of Savoie,” because there are several canals running through the city, and it’s located in the Savoie region of France. The lake is crystal clear, and you can see right to the bottom, but the color is also a bright cerulean blue (so different from the dark, murky brown/green lakes i’m used to). Probably because the water streams directly from the melted snow of the alps. They even say it’s clean enough to drink! It’s a popular attraction in Annecy, and on warm summer days, people can be found jogging, biking, roller blading, slack-lining, tanning (there even was a woman shirtless tanning this morning- how french), walking, boating, and doing other various outdoor activities. I even saw a few people in wetsuits scuba diving, and some people paddle boarding and jet skiing! There are also quite a few swans swimming in the lake, which reminds me of Swan Lake and makes the view that much more picturesque. Makes me wish I had brought some painting materials!





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