Going Places



A painting entitled La fée électricité on display in the Musée d’art moderne

Hello! Some quick background on this blog since technically mes voyages began a week ago.

I’m in a French immersion Dialogue of Civilizations program through Northeastern. The program is about 5 weeks long, and begins in Paris for a week of sight-seeing/fun/other merriment, then Annecy for the remaining 4 weeks. We just completed our week in Paris, and official classes begin on Monday (welp!). In the program, we travel with a professor from Northeastern (Madame Dunand, or Mme as I will refer to her). The program consists of two courses: French Language, and French Culture, and I’ll be using both classes as regional electives to fulfill a minor in International Affairs. Classes are at a school called IFALPES, which specializes in teaching French to foreign students. We’ll be in language classes for 4 hours each day, Monday-Friday, and take tours/field trips for the culture class in the afternoons.

Today we made our transition to Annecy, and our whole group of 22 students has been assigned host families to live with for the remainder of the program. My host mom, Odile, is more of a host grandma, because she has a 50 year old son and two grand-daughters around my age (20 and 22). She’s a super sweet French lady, although she doesn’t know a word of english. It should be interesting times and i’m sure i’ll have more stories to come!


All 22 students on the dialogue (minus Madame)


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