Ça marche pas

Annecy, France Been slow to post lately because we've had a bit of an internet issue. The other day, my host grandmother's son came over the try and help her install her new TV, which required unplugging the internet and using the ethernet cable to connect to the cable box, or something complex. I was … Continue reading Ça marche pas


Les Fleurs d’Annecy

Annecy, France So, it's still spring, and that calls for flowers! I'll keep adding throughout the trip 🙂 Also, the other day, tried to explain the english idiom: "April showers brings may flowers" to my host grandma, but it doesn't translate very well

Comfort Food

Annecy, France So you know how everyone always says "everything's bigger in America!" ? Not necessarily always the case. We went to a pizza/burger joint for lunch today, and ordered a "megaburger." Wasn't entirely sure what this meant, since the French tend to use prefixes like "mega" and "giga" and hyper" as adjectives for a … Continue reading Comfort Food